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Ahri drops down from the ceiling, her tails wrapped around around some beams as she hung upside down, her face just inches away from Akali's. "I've always wondered... Have any of you three been asked to come after me?"





Akali followed Ahri’s motions with the single most confused look on her face. How the hell was the fox using her tails like that? And, more to the point, why?

"The League prevents us from dealing judgment and justice upon those it protects and harbours." A pause. "And even if we had been, I would not be telling you, for that would warn you. I much prefer to make my appearance known only moments before I strike. If I make myself known at all."

"Think of it this way: it would be in our best interests if you would refrain from making any involuntary movements while I perform. And worry not, dear, it won’t.” It had been an exceedingly long time since a person other than Ahri cuddled with her tails, and to a degree, the fox found the sight of the ninja doing just that to be endearing. Maybe it wouldn’t be too off point an assumption if one were to think that maybe Akali is still a child deep down.

The fox finally got to work, placing stones upon the ridge of Akali’s spine down to her tail bone, the expanse of her shoulders, the back side of her arms, and upon her nape, all the while she would occasionally murmur a line pertaining to the intricate mural on the ninja’s back, a riveting tale of a mighty serpent of yore. “You know, in all the years that I’ve been up and about, I wouldn’t be joking if I were to tell you that I’ve more than one encounter with what most people would call mythical beasts” Ahri would solemnly state.

The gravity of her tone would be lost however as she playfully smacked Akali’s firm, shapely rear before Ahri would settle back into her seat while awaiting her guest’s response.


A child? Perhaps that was taking it a step too far. Someone who had never been allowed a childhood, on the other hand, may hit the nail on the head. The way Akali shifted and held onto Ahri’s tails indicated that she was still young at heart, no matter the age she showed in the arena. Despite what the rumours circulating may have insinuated, Akali was not a mindless killing machine. She was a human, and under Ahri’s expert machinations, she seemed to also broach the border between solid and liquid. The Ionian practically melted under the fox, sighing softly while fully relaxing for the first time in an incredibly long time.

Her head tilted slightly at Ahri’s words and she peered over at the fox, curious as to her tone and her sudden shift from playful and teasing to solemn and oddly ancient. Whilst Akali’s age seemed to show, Ahri’s was on full display. But before she could open her mouth to ask, the swat to her rump caused her to jump in surprise and a rather adorable yelp to escape her already parted lips. A moment of comical hesitation later, Akali’s face buried itself in Ahri’s tail. The searing heat of the sauna had absolutely nothing on the heat that was now rolling off her cheeks. She wanted to be indignant. She wanted to be incensed. She wanted to round on Ahri and snap at her… but the yelp that had escaped her lips was more than telling. Ahri had managed to silence the assassin, and then embarrass her. A feat, to say the least.

"That was uncalled for, forgive me" the fox apologizes with a chuckle. "It’s not every day that I come across such a shapely and lovely specimen." Ahri would practically feel the heat from Akali’s heat pass onto her tail that the ninja was lovingly cuddling at the moment, evidence of the latter’s embarrassment, but the fox only saw it as something that further added to her endearment. “But I speak the truth, mind you. As it turns out, when you harbor as many life essences as I do, things try to take it from you. Things that avoid the eyes of most.”

And Ahri would begin to hum again as she relaxed, waiting for this second bath of stones to do their job. “I’m sure whomever you’ve done “it” with in the past must have also commented on your exotic features as well, features that some women would kill for. Take pride in that.”

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((Um… let people ship what they want…? Why does it have to be justified?))

That’s what I do MOST OF THE TIME. But sometimes it reaches a point of indolence that it has to be called out


Awww, my Karma didn’t make it into the stripper AU

inanimatum-vulpes said:Amazing how people are so salty about this ship (I don’t ship it) yet it’s TOTALLY fine with Leona and Diana, where are the rants about that?

I have some qualms about that ship as well but at least Leona and Diana have much deeper interactions than Leonahri (shit I ended up making a name for the ship). I just figured that maybe Leona would work to put Diana on the right path BUT DIANA STILL HAS SOME CRIMES TO ANSWER FOR. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON LEONA AND PANTHEON. Pantheon ABANDONED LEONA WHEN SHE NEEDED HIM MOST and now either one of them is coming onto the other? Damn, the Rakkor sure have ways of putting the past behind themselves.

Really, I try not to hate on ships but please base their attraction on something much deeper than both of them breathing the same type of gas




Are you REALLY asking that? Have you not seen the new cinematic? Its like Riot sanctioned the ship officially.

They were just doing their jobs as champions in the League. In what logical way do the events that transpired in the cinematic possibly pave the way to a romantic relationship between a legendary warrior who was ostracized by her people and childhood friend because she decided to do the good thing and an animal who’s been turned into human and has been persecuted for hundreds of years just because her food source happens to be the same species that she aspires to be. With that kind of thinking, I bet people would be asking why Lucian and Thresh haven’t already fucked


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