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Absolute Attrition | Ahri & Jinx



"Me, jealous? And you, perfect? Both are just as much a farce as your misplaced confidence. But I suppose your ability to…make do with what you have deserves commendation  so I’ll give you that" the vixen retorts, bringing a pair of her tails to bear  to project an applause of sorts before rising to her dainty feet. "Observe" she prompts the probably prepubescent, her silky hands brought to bear and hovering above the lows and swells of her curvaceous frame, from her creamy hips up to her firm, full, perky mounds whose stiffness that was presented through the thin fabric of her blouse seemed to veritably hold the article of clothing in place.

"I am perfection. Unlike you who resorts to mewling and mayhem to catch the attention of others, the sight of me alone is to die for. And trust me, so many, many, have.”


      high pitched giggles slip free from betwixt supple, lilac painted brims as the words of that sultry vixen fall upon deaf ears. audacious and daring, knowing no bounds and disregarding any notion of common decency, and hand thrusts out to grasp one enormous, soft breast. it’s no easy caress nor playful fondling, though, as fingers pinch down on acute peaks which perk against fabric in such a boastful fashion. now she tugs — or more precisely, jerks — on them, bringing her own, grinning lips closer to the taller woman’s visage. 

            " you’re a cookie cutter! i can get on board with it, but i’m a little bit disappointed in you! you try so hard to be human, but you don’t even get the basics! big tits aren’t the end all, be all of attraction, stupid! but i guess something as simple as you wouldn’t get that! "

      she’ll continue her physical assault until she’s forcibly stopped, now twisting. for all she knows, the seductress could be having the time of her life with this. " and you think i destroy things for attention? you really are simple minded! and that’s coming from me! “

Anyone who has even caught wind of Ahri and her infamy would know of her affinity for the illicit and coquettish. Familiar as she might be with the risque and raunchy, where she had been unceremoniously manages was still vulnerable, all the more so in the vixen’s case given her voluptuous palpability. Forget the eccentric echoes of the diminutive destroyer and her eccentric escapades, THIS WAS SIMPLY UNCALLED FOR!

Her tails would creep up the assaulter’s legs midst’s the vixen’s writhing and wriggling, never coming taut up until they have snaked far enough to ensnare the little renegade and hoisting her upside-down, her face just hanging mere inches from the fox’s porcelain features, still adorned by an unwarranted flush from having her  sultry stiffness  laid hands upon. And for a moment, the pair shared a mutual estranged gleam in their eyes as the fox thought of how to get back at the impudent insurgent, her retribution coming in the form of what may very well be the most affectionate, luscious kiss Jinx will ever receive, laced with the weaponized pheromones that the vixen uses to lull in her prey.

But no, this place, this charred remnant of what once stood here was ill fit to be the venue of what was to happen next. No, they would have to go else where…




Ahri still wasn’t quite used to seeing Zyra’s gore despite how long they’ve been together. What should have been red and gristly for a normal human’s, Zyra’s was a murky green with wood for bones and tiny tendrils for veins. Though It was still just as messy, and most likely just as painful.

"Well, the good news is that we can’t be tracked by hounds or beasts of prey since the scent of sap isn’t all too appealing to them. But it’s still going to leave a trail. We need to do something about that…"

Immediately the fox would slip one of her detached sleeves off of her arm to use for makeshift bandaging around Zyra’s wounded limb, just tight enough to stop the dripping sap and slack enough to allow the Flower’s regenerative ability to kick in, afterwards helping Zyra along their path.

"Make sure to sweep the ground with your feet three times to cover our tracks. We’re going to need some a to hide in until you’re strong enough to travel. I’m glad you’re alright… Well, most of you."


"Hmph. Funny. Sorry I can’t be a bit more handy in this situation, but—” She winced, clutching at the makeshift bandage around her stump, her eyes shooting to the burning cart that had ensured their survival from the fall, teeth bared. “I can still feel it, my hand… It’s burning.”

Then, her ears fluttered, and she shot her gaze back up to the cliffs. Even as they walked down the path, her feet moving to cover after them, she could hear them- the bandits that attacked them, and de-handed her. “They’re going to be looking for us, soon… If we’re going to find a place to hide, let it be somewhere away from my burning hand. I don’t want anything to let slip.” She closed her eyes for a moment, before slipping her arm around Ahri’s shoulders, leaning on her a bit.

Truth be told, seeing was getting just a bit harder. It would be a good few hours before her hand grew back, which meant she had a few more hours of enduring the burning sensation. “I’m glad you’re unhurt as well. Right now? I’m going to need a strong shoulder to lean on…”


Ahri wondered how Zyra could still even feel what her severed appendage was going through. But it would have to be a subject for another time, seeing as they weren’t in a situation that allowed the liberty of it. Their pace was plodding. Not just because Zyra was thoroughly debilitated, but also due to Ahri’s effort of concealing their tracks, by sweeping the ground with each step she took while a single tail would do the sweeping for Zyra’s footprints in the Flower’s stead. Right now they needed to get away, but the vixen could feel the weight growing on her shoulder by the minute. Zyra was weak. Shelter was in dire need.

By a stroke of luck however the fox spots an opening in the walls of ravine, just enough for one person to occupy, that person being Zyra. Gently she would coax the Flower in making sure that her mate was comfortable but rocks and soil could only offer so much that Ahri hoped that Zyra’s floral disposition would help her ease into her spartan accommodations. At last, respite. But only for Zyra.

"I’m going to look for something we can eat, alright? If I’m not back by tomorrow…go without me" the fox sternly instructs the Flower, afterwards rolling a stone before the entrance to conceal its injured occupant and departing shortly afterwards.


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The progression of video games in a few decades.

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"I’m trying to…" she mutters and looks down at her boots.

"I mostly go for the feel of sun and sea where it usually doesn’t reach, not people…"

"Yes, well, in this particular case I’ll be going for the sun-baked and pre-salted meat."

"I uh-I know of one, not sure how many people are there right now, but I can take you down there…" Sarah’s face flushes red quickly as she does her best not to look up or anywhere near Ahri’s eyes.

"…You really have no idea what I’m going on about, don’t you?"


screams from the high heavens