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Q: Avarosa and Serylda (probably) banded together to fight against Lissandra and the Watchers, right? So…why was the Winter’s Claw (Serylda’s clan and Sejuani’s ancestor) resigned to the shittiest place that side of the Freljord? AND WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER ICEBORN FROM THE AVAROSA AND WINTER’S CLAW?!?! WHERE DID THEY ALL GO? 

Scenario A: Maybe Serylda sided with the Watchers/Lissandra during the war and her army was banished to the frigid wastes after the Avarosa emerged victorious. BUT. Is the Avarosan army that powerful to not only defeat the Winter’s Claw but the Watchers/Lissandra too? Then again, the tides may have been turned cause of Aatrox sticking his warmongering dick wherever he can.

Scenario B: Maybe Serylda and her clan CHOSE to stay there. Maybe there was something there, something that needed the constant watchful eye of an entire freaking Iceborn army. And maybe, that purpose was forgotten over time. Maybe the elders of the Winter’s Claw forgot why they were there in the first place, got sick and tired, and fed ideas to the “prophesized child” (Sejuani) to wage war on the Avarosa out of envy. The previous assumption might have also happened if Lissandra infiltrated the Winter’s Claw and corrupted it from within.

This is so poorly written but I hope it gets the point across

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Hai dur

Hai dur

That awkward moment when the connection between you and players from other continents is much better than with players from the same region as you

Ahri drops down from the ceiling, her tails wrapped around around some beams as she hung upside down, her face just inches away from Akali's. "I've always wondered... Have any of you three been asked to come after me?"





Akali followed Ahri’s motions with the single most confused look on her face. How the hell was the fox using her tails like that? And, more to the point, why?

"The League prevents us from dealing judgment and justice upon those it protects and harbours." A pause. "And even if we had been, I would not be telling you, for that would warn you. I much prefer to make my appearance known only moments before I strike. If I make myself known at all."

Ahri was greeted with the same deathly stare that Akali has been passing her way through out the evening. Had the ninja had the ability to project beams from her eyes, surely her gaze would be just as deadly as a certain eldrich abomination from the Void.

"Really, what did you expect from a fox on two legs? I find the particular sort of humor to be vastly entertaining, especially so since apparently some very grisly rumors about myself float about. And you have nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble I wasn’t confident. Just be as comfortable as you can. Relax, take a deep breath.”

The fox’s final two sentences were voiced with such concern, such care, even reassuringly stroking Akali’s forehead and gently ushered the ninja’s eyes closed before the first of the needles were plunged into the ninja’s lovely skin. Ahri was precise, frighteningly even from the viewpoint of another as it would seem that her hands and even her tails randomly pushed needles into Akali’s skin, when in truth the fox had simply that much expertise in the task at hand…and tails.

"I might have already told you this but I practically invented this sort of thing" the fox begins to speak, something to ease the tension or distract Akali from what ever measure of pain she might be feeling. "But believe me, you do not want to know how I conceived and proved this method. Let’s just say that some a few lives were lost for the betterment of tens of thousands. Now then…”

With the needles in place on Akali’s body, the fox takes a few steps back as if to admire her work, and then conjures her spirit fires once more, but tiny little flames as many as the needles on her guest’s body and carefully wills them upon the other ends of the needles.

"While I did pass this practice onto humanity, in their hands it will forever be imperfect for they can never quite proceed with this step. You may look if you want to, just…try not to move. My fox fires will serve to absorb the accumulated negative energy in your body, making it far more efficient that how humanity performs it be leaps and bounds. After this, you will feel innervated in a way you have never felt before."

Her words were notably tinged with pride as Ahri once again sank loftily into her chair.


Akali’s eyes closed as soon as Ahri’s soothing voice washed over her ears. It was rather pleasant and, though she hated to admit it to herself, Ahri’s was a voice that she could listen to for an incredibly long period of time without thought or complaint. Sound was a vice of hers, one of the few she actually allowed herself to indulge in.

The assassin smirked slightly as Ahri explained the exploratory and learning process attached to acupuncture, but she simply exhaled slowly to try to keep herself from chuckling. She stayed perfectly still by focusing on her inner resolve, channeling into that negative energy to keep herself immobile. Once she heard Ahri stepping back, the assassin breathed slightly easier. “The sacrifice of a few is necessary for the betterment of the many. It is one of the Kinkou tenets.”

She shuddered slightly as she felt heat penetrating her body in several places, causing warmth to flood her frame. With bated breath, she waited to see what the fox’s fire would do to her.

"You know, I really tried to convince the individuals that what they will be going though will be for the betterment of humanity. It didn’t make them feel better about the ordeal though, surprisingly. Well, it’s all water under the bridge..

It was a slow process, but surely, the fox fires atop the needles began to change color. While some of them absorbed the excess negative energy, the others served to better harmonize Akali’s inner energies. In a matter of minutes, the process was over and Ahri left her seat to retrieve the needles and the tainted fox fires. Her hands would shepherd the wisps of fire, condensing them into an orb to be left under the care of one of her tails before extracting the needles.

"You may rise now" the fox tells Akali while handing her a robe to cover herself with…and then promptly consuming the orb of negative energy. "Well, how do you feel?"